compactSteam NA

compactSteam NA
  • Caractéristiques générales

    Steam humidifier for personal health and comfort in prestigious residential environments, professional offices and small retail businesses.
  • Plus

    • works on mains water; 
    • automatic water hardness compensation; 
    • models with capacity up to 4.5 litres/hour, continuously adjustable; 
    • ON/OFF or proportional control; 
    • large display with unit status and diagnostics; 
    • versions for air ducts and direct in-room humidification.



  • Manuals
    Code Description Langue Date * Version
    Code +030222071
    Description compactSteam with drain pump
    Langue FRE  GER 
    Date 05/09/2017
    Version 1.4
    Code +030221906
    Description compactSteam Umidificateur à vapeur pour milieux résidentiels Dampfbefeuchter für Wohnräume
    Langue FRE  GER 
    Date 28/09/2007
    Version 2.2