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Grâce à l'apprentissage et à la formation, vous serez en mesure de développer des compétences techniques transversales et acquérir des compétences en travail d'équipe et en gestion du changement, compétences essentielles pour travailler dans des situations hautement compétitives. Vous aurez l'opportunité de traiter avec différents métiers et de découvrir, avec nous, vos meilleures aptitudes professionnelles.

Vous aurez également l'opportunité de vivre un séjour à l'étranger, dans l'une de nos 22 filiales: un défi qui vous aidera à grandir et à vous rapprocher de différentes cultures, enrichissant votre parcours culturel et professionnel.

Rejoignez le Programme d'Etudes Supérieures Future 4 

Le quatrième programme «Rejoignez le futur» se déroulera de février à août 2019 et comprendra trois phases distinctes:

  • affectation à une zone de l'entreprise
  • Projet Lean pour l'amélioration des process
  • transfert dans une de nos filiales à l'étranger

avec un tuteur dédié dans l'entreprise et des formations internes (sur l'entreprise, processus internes, savoir-faire applicatif) et externes (agilité interculturelle, négociation, prise de parole en public)


Application Specialist Retail Solutions

From the start of the Join The Future project, CAREL has proven to be a highly dynamic and continuously growing environment. 
The inter-cultural experience, extensive network of colleagues and cross-functional nature of the tasks covered during the program still today represent the distinctive features of my role and provide me with motivation and enthusiasm!

Application Specialist Retail Solutions

Working at CAREL has allowed me to expand my horizons, both geographically, on numerous work trips, and mentally, with new puzzles that need to be solved every day.
My role gives me the chance to deal with new technologies and the new challenges that these conceal, from technical to commercial, working in a dynamic and stimulating environment with exceptional people!


Application Specialist HVAC Commercial

Join The Future is simply the best way to start out at CAREL. The possibility of job rotation in various areas gave me the opportunity to explore the company and better understand what role I was most suited to, creating a very useful network of contacts but also and above all growing both professionally and personally.

HVAC/R Engineer

Working at the CAREL Knowledge Centre gave me the chance to exchange ideas and opinions with industry experts from around the world. An international environment and the incentive to learn new things were the foundations that prepared me for my current role. Without forgetting how it all started, in the JTF program, where I had the opportunity to get to know the different business areas, from warehouse management to an experience at a foreign subsidiary, in the United States.

Application Manager Refrigeration

CAREL is a dynamic and modern company where every day we face challenges that allow us to grow both personally and professionally. In my role as application manager in the marketing division, I have been able to count on the support of helpful and competent colleagues, until reaching a level of autonomy that has made my day-to-day work more motivating. My contacts are often people with very different skills, from the technical department to the sales network, as well as the many customers from all over the world who make each experience a unique learning opportunity.


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