humiSteam basic NA

humiSteam basic NA
  • Caractéristiques générales

    humiSteam basic is suitable for installation in civil environments, offices, hospitals and industrial facilities, and is designed for installation both in rooms, using the steam blower, and air ducts, using the linear steam distributors. All models provide the best features of CAREL humidifiers to ensure maximum reliability and hygiene. The UEY range can be managed by external input signals or using relative humidity probes, with operation in ON/ OFF or proportional mode.
  • Plus

    • Reliability: the patented AFS system (Anti Foaming System): detects and manages foam to prevent droplets of water being carried by the steam; 
    • Performance: quick start-up and operation with a wide range of feedwater conductivity values; 
    • Safety: modulating limit probe for maximum safety in the ducts.



  • Manuals
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    Code +030220631
    Description humiSteam Basic
    Langue FRE  GER 
    Date 20/01/2009
    Version 2.3