gaSteam NA

gaSteam NA
  • Caractéristiques générales

    Isothermal gas-fired humidifier for the control and distribution of steam, equipped with graphic touch display. Available models (identifiable by code on the packaging label and nameplate): UG045, UG090, UG150, UG180, UG300, UG450 with steam production capacities up to 450 kg/h (992 lb/h). 


    gaSteam is available in both indoor and outdoor versions.

  • Plus

    • Wide range of models with steam production of 45, 90, 150, 180, 300 kg/h (450 kg/h outdoor version only); 
    • continuous capacity modulation from 25 to 100 % of nominal capacity (from 12.5 % for UG180 and UG300); 
    • maximum efficiency and safety thanks to pre-mix burner with proportional gas valve.



  • Manuals
    Code Description Langue Date * Version
    Code +0300090FR
    Description gaSteam - UG rel.4 Humidificateur de gaz
    Langue FRE 
    Date 01/02/2023
    Version 1.5
    Code +0300091ML
    Description gaSteam - UG rel.4 Umidificatore a gas – Gas humidifier PARTI DI RICAMBIO SPARE PARTS
    Langue ENG  FRE  GER  ITA  SPA 
    Date 03/07/2018
    Version 1.0