Lighting management - pChrono

Lighting management - pChrono
Lighting management - pChrono Lighting management - pChrono
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    The CAREL solution for control and monitoring of light fixtures and non-food appliances offers a complete range of devices designed to significantly reduce energy waste, consequently increasing cost savings for the end user. The solution provides a pChrono controller for managing light fixtures and non-food devices, i.e. generic loads such as air extractors, air blades, vending machines, etc. Other devices supplied, such as wireless power sockets, add flexibility to the system, increasing its usability and expanding the field of application.

    pChrono is the controller for managing light fixtures and generic loads in general. Other functions available to increase site efficiency include:

    • pumping units
    • wireless management of 10 Ampere power sockets
    • wireless reading of temperature / humidity / brightness probes


    Light fixture management also includes control of the lights via brightness sensors, either wireless or wired; the light fixtures will be switched on and off based on the times and set points that can be configured by the user, even via remote.

    Load scheduling is supported by a precise scheduler that includes up to 15 exceptions to control the behaviour of the loads even when the site is closed. Using the wireless plug modules (10 A sockets) with integrated energy meter function, the system can read the power consumption of single-phase loads and enable them via remote.

    Flexibility and modularity in the field are the primary features of the pChrono system, which can manage up to 60 loads.

  • Plus

    • Suitable for management of light fixtures and generic loads, from convenience stores to large supermarkets. 
    • Flexible and modular, also thanks to wireless network support on the standard Carel rTM system.
    • Full control of the system, with the possibility of optimising the on/off times for outdoor lighting based on sunrise and sunset information provided by the ECO-HVAC (Geo-Lighting) plugin.



  • Quick Guide
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    Code +040000182
    Description pChrono Solution pour gestion des lumières et des charges électriques
    Langue FRE 
    Date 23/09/2014
    Version 1.4


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    Code +3000101FR
    Description Solution pour Supérettes - Optimisation et gestion complète pour installations de petites dimensions
    Langue FRE 
    Date 18/02/2016
    Version 1.1
    Code +3000089FR
    Description pChrono: La solution pour la gestion des points lumineux
    Langue FRE 
    Date 30/09/2014
    Version 1.0
    Code +3000049FR
    Description pChrono: Le partenaire idéal pour la gestion de l’éclairage et des dispositifs NO FOOD (qui ne touchent pas à la régulation du froid)
    Langue FRE 
    Date 01/10/2012
    Version 1.0